Dynamic Website Designing

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What is dynamic website designing ?

New feature for dynamic websites: we use Php7 and Yii2 framework for website developing. Php7 is twice faster than php5.*.

Php7 vs Php5

Dynamic website is something which is interactive or we can say as live where user can retrieve, submit, change or remove the desired information. Here the data submitted by user is stored in databases like SQL Server, Oracle etc which can further be retrieved or altered. Content of a dynamic website changes according to user commands like mouse over or click.

This dynamic site is consisting of two type of script, client-side scripting and server-side scripting or combination of both. The static website is consist of HTML with some CSS and images where as Dynamic web pages are ASP, PHP or JSP pages with some scripts.

When to go for dynamic websites?

We as a website development company in delhi, guides you when to pick the dynamic site. Dynamic website designing is needed when you want customer interaction on your website.

Dynamic web design is recommended for cost saving in long run. Here it is possible to change you contents without taking help of site developer.

It enhances the administrator ability towards content. Some of the functionality that a dynamic website generally provides is addition or deletion of product or services, putting new information on site, posting job vacancies for company, allowing user to create his/her profile etc. So if you want these functionality for your site than opt dynamic website.

Merits of dynamic website designing

  • Less requirement of expert because changes can be done by site administrator.
  • It is database driven which makes the element easy modifiable.
  • Flexible and can be customized easily.
  • User Interactive.


  • Takes more load time
  • Costly than Static site
  • Takes more time to develop
  • Needs database to store contents