Static Website Designing

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What is Static Website Designing ?

A static website is consisting of a series of static web pages; these are the basic websites. These web pages have the same information for its entire user.

Static web pages are written in HTML, along with some other files like: CSS, images, flashes, videos, audios etc. It does not mean that the contents of the static website cannot be changed. Content for these sites can be changed by someone who has knowledge of website development usually by webmaster.

When to Choose Static Website?

Static site is good where user do not need to change the site elements for a long period of time. Having Static website is the best way to make your online presence for your customers. It is one of the simplest ways to show your products, services and information to user in impressive manner.

These web pages are very user friendly, where user can view, download or copy the textual and graphical information. You can also have a combination of changeable and non changeable element or pages on your site.

The About US page generally comes under non-changeable pages where as product or services section may be in changeable section. Now it’s up to you and your need that what type of site you want Static or Dynamic. We as a web design company in delhi, are here to make an innovative site for you.

Merits Static Website Designing

  • It can be developed in less time
  • Less time required to load the site
  • Do not require any database
  • These are less costly than dynamic websites
  • Good to present textual, graphical and non changeable information.


  • Need expert to make changes
  • No user interaction
  • It is not for large scale projects.