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Web hosting or Domain hosting is the space needed to host or keep your site related files and database over internet. A person usually thinks after buying a domain that, this is enough to run his website over net. But they do not understand that domain is just a unique name of a website.

You need space over web server where your sites will we hosted. Here, I used a term web server which means nothing but a computer with a large amount of space for hosting. This web server serves your site contents to the entire user who accesses your website. These web servers have a large amount of disk space and bandwidth to handle huge amount of traffic.

There are many web hosting providers are available in market like: Godaddy, Net4India, Big rock, HostGator and many more.

Many options available for web hosting like: shared hosting, dedicated server, virtual dedicated server, cloud hosting, clustered hosting, grid hosting etc. Picking one from them depends upon you need and what type of functionality you want.
Shared hosting

In this type of hosting a single web space is shared by many other websites. This is basically used when the size of websites are small.
Dedicated server

Here one web space can be used by only one website. This hosting is little costly but good for sites like e-commerce.

Cloud hosting

Cloud hosting is a new technique which reliable, powerful and scalable than there alternatives. It is decentralized hosting and safe from local power cuts, hardware failure or even natural disaster.

Some features that should be consider before selecting a web hosting plan:

Disk Space

This is similar like you computer hard disk space. The disk space is used to keep text files, images, videos, audios etc. This disk space is available in different packages with differing amounts of space and cost.


Bandwidth can be explained as amount of data transferred by a site in a fixed period of time. If your site has more bandwidth than the speed of interaction between site and user is fast. High bandwidth is recommended if a website has large amount of images and videos.


Uptime means to say ratio of time for that a hosting server not goes down or stays up. 100% uptime means your server will not go down anytime in a year. Usually it is not possible that any space provider give you 100% uptime. It is recommended to have grate uptime if a website has online customer’s payment option.
Programming Services

This specify what programming language and database you can use.

Customer Service

This is required when any technical issue is arising. The basic services include chat, e-mail, phone etc.

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