Website Maintenance

Website Maintenance Company Delhi

What is Website maintenance ?

Website maintenance can be considered as all the activities required or used on a site to keep the original one running.

Maintenance requires few changes on site on regular basis. These changes may be addition, removal or change of textual, graphical elements or addition of new pages and functionalizes. These changes are generally small.

Why maintenance is needed?

Changes are required on website when business enhances, new branches or services are launched, contact information changes and many more things which becomes the reason for change. There is a misconception in customers mind when they buy a website that it will work flawlessly without any breakdown, but unfortunately this is not right.

A website can also be breakdown as a car, computer or any machine. The common problems related to a website are: security exploits and hosting expires. Maintenance is also required to keep website updated, add or remove new things, found any error like broken link etc.

We know our site is the best advertiser for our services or product, which works 24X7 without any leave. So we should invest some money on its maintenance. The maintenance usually takes 40% of the development cost of website annually.

This covers all the activities listed below. Maintenance can also be done without annual maintenance fee but here user has to pay for each update. The company who designed your website can do better maintenance and are the Web Designing Company in Delhi, can give you proper maintenance service.

What are the activities done to maintain a website?

Addition of new and Deletion of existing services or products, Monitoring website traffic and take action accordingly, Keep updating the contents of site on regular basis, Uploading or resizing of images or videos, Technological updates in site, Keep tracking on renewal of website, Spotting error and testing after each update, Banner creation for special offers and festivals, Adding or Removing of pages or any section of page, Taking updates from website owner regarding the website, if any.